Storytelling assignment

Create a digital storytelling assignment college of Arts humanities

storytelling assignment

Story telling Assignment ScratchEd

Why partner, with Us  nbsp. Last semester, i gave my research methods students a new assignment on creating image macros. There were two assignments, one for the chapter on statistics and the other for the chapter on the philosophy of science. For the philosophy of science chapter this was voted most popular: In general, for this first assignment, i wasnt impressed. . I felt that what the students were doing did not indicate that they had a good understanding of the concepts (good enough to riff on them). For the next chapter, on statistics, this was voted as most popular: and I selected three personal favorites: The first two indicate an understanding of the concept and the third one is just funny.

Example digital Storytelling Assignment: Leda nath - instructional

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storytelling assignment

Using a digital storytelling assignment to teach public health advocacy

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storytelling assignment

5 Data Storytelling Homework Assignments design Thinking

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12 you will be asked to pick a chapter from The Investigative reporters Handbook. Choose from chapters 8 through 21 (several of which may be divided up between two students, depending on the size of the class). Have one or two alternates in mind. . Some students have had a great experience by picking a chapter that doesnt interest them and then being surprised to find how rich the material can. B)  A schedule of presentations will be made during that class and posted. The presentations will start (one or two per session) in Session 7 (Monday, oct.

C) At least 24 hours before your presentation, you must send me an e-mail with the name of each Web site you use (that is, the five or more from your handout) and the url for each of these web sites, along with the url. Submit your links in the format you see on the class Web page we will use for these presentations:. . I will post your links there for you to use during your presentation. D)  you will get 10 to 15 minutes for this presentation, so you will have to budget your time carefully and rehearse beforehand. Presentations that do a good job of integrating the various elements story, web, and key themes from the chapter are likely to be the most engaging. Dmrx Hkgkxcj RxitxmjjkegMcjmr ceh Tmritbmr, c Atmm mdiio ati, atmm Xmbleijig ait Xmcblmtr ceh Atkmehr. Mhkxit6, tkblcth Dtem, biextkdxkeg Cxlitr6, wcem Blmtt* FtTmdmbbc LmtrlGcjm rkeemj-Gmjjmtr@ct-Mjjme RctgkixxiOctme ItjcehiCjkrc WtkglxOtx Girhmbo Dtch DclerFcbsmje WlkxkegRlct HmceJmrjkm Bcxcjhi Rcqcgm.

Foreign policy us history essay chinese, pgce primary

You are encouraged, however, to tell us two or three things that you have taken away from the chapter that you think will be interesting and useful to your classmates. Think both in terms of the big picture and some telling details. . you will not have much time for this element of your presentation, so the challenge is to make this tight and engaging. Integrate your presentation of the story and/or chapter themes with the features of one or two of the web sites you have listed in your handout. . One effective way to do this is to show how a web site can be used to answer a particular reporting question (we will talk more about this in class) that is, how you can drill down through a web site to get answers about. Give the class a chance to digest what you are showing. And resume avoid racing through all of your Web sites. We will have your handout to read about all of them. Additional details about this project: a) In Session 4 (Wednesday, sept.

storytelling assignment

Explain the way key data and documents were used in the project. . Describe any notable storytelling techniques and show us any significant features of the way the story is presented on the web. If you have learned paper about follow-up or community reaction to the story or series, tell us about that. . And include anything else that you believe would be of value to the class, including what you may have learned from the reporter or reporters if you chose to contact them. As you analyze the story, you will encounter some of the themes raised in the handbook chapter, and you should refer to those as you go along. This should not be a recitation of your outline. The class will have that to read on their own.

downloaded in its entirety from the web and explored with a tool such as Excel or Access. Databases that can be purchased from nicar do not count for this part of the assignment. For this assignment, you do not need to actually download and analyze this database just show us where it is and give us an idea of what it offers. A note about data on the web :  see this page for a few examples of searchable. Downloadable databases on the web: m b). An oral presentation that includes the following elements:. . A discussion of the story you chose to profile. This will be the heart of your presentation to the class. Tell us what was reported and how it was reported.

Most students have chosen to contact the reporter or reporters who produced this story to learn more about how it was done, and you are encouraged to. It is preferable that the story you choose made use of computer-assisted reporting in some way. . It can be a story that originally appeared in a print, broadcast or online medium. You will find links to examples. The ire web site has a collection of links to car projects at:. An outline of the highlights of the chapter you were assigned (two to three pages). You may outline this in standard form, or you may choose to reorganize and highlight the material in a way that reflects what you have taken away from the chapter. You do need to cover, in some way, the major ideas presented in this chapter. The names and urls of at online least five web sites, along with several sentences for each one about why you chose it, as follows: o at least three web sites useful to a reporter covering the subjects discussed in the chapter.

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Fall 2012, philipMerrillCollege of journalism, University of Maryland. Reporting Topics Assignment: Story critique, web resources and, investigative reporters Handbook chapter outline, each student will do a handout and class presentation organized around the theme of a chapter or part of a chapter from. The Investigative reporters Handbook (5th.). This assignment is designed to get you into the habit of looking for documentation and data in the course of your reporting and to help you become a close reader of in-depth reporting projects that use these resources. The assignment includes these elements: a). A handout - this should be posted to elms before your presentation, and bring a paper copy for the instructor. It must include the following elements:. . A synopsis (two to three pages) of a in-depth news story published on the Internet umum that relates to the subject of the chapter or the part of a chapter you were assigned from the. Investigative reporters Handbook (5th.), including a complete citation, the, web address of the project, a summary of the content of the piece, an explanation of how data and documents were used in the story, a discussion of the way the story was presented.

Storytelling assignment
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A man in cornered in an alley by a gunman. From this assignment, i learned a lot of valuable information that could be even put to use after my study life.

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  1. Storytelling, examples and ResourcesA Free ebook from Free technology for teachers and Friends Editor: Richard helpful to let students work with a partner on this assignment. Storytelling has recently gained popularity as a tool for motivating and engaging users in a variety of application domains. The course grading policy is that any assignment that has been. Daniel King, assignment 2- visual.

  2. The ds106 crowd would be proud. Assignment, one due by 4pm. Modular Web sites: Designing a web site as a collection of building blocks. Duarte creates presentations and offers training based on our unique visualStory methodology, which applies storytelling and visual thinking to craft persuasive communications designed to shift audience beliefs and behaviors.

  3. May 19, 2013 categories: - new York Stories of Fascinating people, spring 2013, 2013 Spring, assignment, two, new York Stories of Fascinating people, spring 2013, samantha Stark, video. Covering the clashes between Israeli soldiers and Palestinians near Ramallah in 2000 was my first assignment for reuters. Bill, great use of digital storytelling for research methods assignment.

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