Online voting system thesis

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online voting system thesis

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Another example is to limit voter to input particular data, so that we can prevent the command injection from running niit. Niit requirements: 1) Registration of the voter is done by election commision of india. 2) election commision of india can change the information any time if required. 3) Registration of the voter depends upon the information filled by the user. 4) Voter is given a unique id and password. 5) In the database information of every voter is stored. 6) Database shows the information of every user. Problems with the Existing Voter Registration System The problems of the existing manual system of voting include among others the following:.

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Niit perforation is incomplete, the result is probably determined wrongfully. Optical voting machine: After each voter fills a circle correspond to their favorite candidate on the blank ballot, this machine selects the darkest mark on each ballot for the vote then computes the total result. This kind of machine counts up ballots rapidly. However, if the voter fills over the circle, it will lead to the error result of optical-scan. Recent years, a considerable number of countries has adopted e-voting for their official elections. These countries include; America, belgium, japan and Brazil. Security issues the of online voting foreign experience revealed that they are often confronted by security issues while the online voting system is running. The origin of the security issues was due to not only outsider (such as voters and attackers) but also insider (such as system developers and administrators even just because the inheritance of some objects in the source code are unsuitable. These errors caused the voting system to crash. The proposed solutions were correspondingly outlined to hold back these attacks. For example, to avoid hacker making incursion into the voting system via network, we can design our system to transmit data without network.

The voter pulls the lever to poll for thesis his favorite candidate. This kind of voting machine can count up the ballots automatically. Because its interface is not user- friendly enough, giving some training to voters is necessary. Direct recording electronic voting machine: This type, which is abbreviated to dre, integrates with keyboard; touch screen, or buttons for the voter press to poll. Some of them lay in voting records and counting the votes is very quickly. But the other dre without keep voting records are doubted about its accuracy. Punch card: The voter uses metallic hole-punch to punch a hole on the blank ballot. It can count votes automatically, but if the voters niit.

online voting system thesis

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Cases of vote miscounts shall also be solved since at the backend of this system resides a well developed database using mysql that can provide the correct data once its correctly queried. Since the voting process shall be open as early as possible, the voters shall have ample time to decide when and whom to vote for. Scope of study it is focused on studying the existing system of voting in Kenya and to make sure that the peoples vote is counts, for fairness in the elective positions. This is also will produce: less driver effort and less labor intensive, as the primary cost and focus primary on creating, managing, and running a secure web voting portal. Increasing number of voters as individuals will find it easier and more convenient vertebrae to vote, especially those abroad. Niit old Methods Of Voting. Paper-based voting: The voter gets a blank ballot and use a pen or a marker to indicate he want to vote for which candidate. Hand-counted ballots is a time and labor consuming process, but it is easy to manufacture paper ballots and the ballots can be retained for verifying, this type is still the most common way to vote. Lever voting machine: lever machine is peculiar equipment, and each lever is assigned for a corresponding candidate.

Therefore crucial points that this (OVS) emphasizes on are listed below. Require less number of staff during the election. This system is a lot easier to independently moderate the elections and subsequently reinforce its transparency and fairness. Less capital, less effort, and less labor intensive, as the primary cost and effort will focus primarily on creating, managing, and running a secure online portal. Increased number of voters as individual will find it easier and more convenient to vote, especially those abroad. Objectives Of The project the specific objectives of the project include: niit. Niit reviewing the existing/current voting process or approach in Kenya; coming up with an automated voting system in Kenya; Implementing a an automated/online voting system; validating the system to ensure that only legible voters are allowed to vote. Project justification The online voting system-india shall reduce the time spend making long queues at the polling stations during voting. It shall also enable the voters to vote from any part of the globe as explained since this is an online application available on the internet.

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online voting system thesis

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For one summary to participate in the elections, he/she must have the requirements. For instance, he/she must be a registered citizen. Must be 18 and above years old. As already stated, the project Online voting' provides means for fast and convenient voting and access to this system is limited only to registered voters. Internet voting systems are appealing for several reasons which include; people are getting more used to work with computers to do all sorts of things, namely sensitive operations such as shopping and home banking and they allow people to vote far from where they usually.

Niit significance of study the main purposes of ovs include: Provision of improved voting services to the voters through fast, timely and convenient voting. reduction of the costs incurred by the kenyan Electoral Commission during voting time in paying the very many clerks employed for the sake of the success of the manual system. Check to ensure that the members who are registered are the only ones to vote. Cases of dead people voting are also minimized. Online voting system (OVS) will require being very precise or cost cutting to produce an effective election management system.

Background of study the Online voting system (OVS) also known as e-voting is a term encompassing several different types of voting embracing both electronic means of counting votes. Electronic voting technology can include punched cards, optical scan voting systems and specialized voting kiosks (including self contained direct- recording electronic voting systems or dre). It can also involve transmission of ballots and votes via telephones, private computer networks, or the internet. Online voting is an electronic way of choosing leaders via a web driven application. The advantage of online voting over the common queue method is that the voters have the choice of voting at their own free time and there is niit.

It also minimizes on errors of vote counting. The individual votes are submitted in a database which can be queried to find out who of the aspirants for a given post has the highest number of votes. This system is geared towards increasing the voting percentage in Kenya since it has been noted that with the old voting method the queue system, the voter turnout has been a wanting case. With system in place also, if high security is applied, cases of false votes shall be reduced. With the online voting system, a voter can use hisher voting right online without any difficulty. Heshe has to register as a voter first before being authorized to vote. The registration should be done prior to the voting date to enable data update in the database. However, not just anybody can vote.

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Heshe has management to be registered first for him/her to vote. Registration is mainly done by the system administrator for security reasons. The system Administrator registers the voters on a special site of the system visited by him only by simply filling a registration form to register voter. Citizens seeking registration are expected to contact the system administrator to submit their details. After the validity of them being citizens of India has been confirmed by the system administrator by comparing their details submitted with those in existing databases such as those as the registrar of Persons, the citizen is then registered as a voter. After registration, the voter is assigned a secret Voter id with which he/she can use to log into the system and enjoy services provided by the system such as voting. If invalid/wrong report details are submitted, then the citizen is not registered to vote.

online voting system thesis

Some of the problems involved include ridging votes during election, insecure or inaccessible polling stations, inadequate polling materials and also inexperienced personnel. This online voting/polling system seeks to bathroom address the above issues. It should be noted that with this system in place, the users, citizens in this case shall be given ample time during the voting period. They shall also be trained on how to vote online before the election time. Introduction to online voting system online voting system is an online voting technique. In this system people who have citizenship of Kenya and whose age is above 18 years of age and any sex can give hisher vote online without going to any physical polling station. Niit there is a database which is maintained in which all the names of voters with complete information is stored. In online voting system a voter can use hisher voting right online without any difficulty.

being with/part of me in the whole process especially my dear dad and mum who stood by me in all situations even at the times of financial need. Finally, i wish to say thanks to all Faculties of niit for helping me a lot. Niit, definition of terms, ovs - online voting System, niit. Index Abstract Introduction to online voting System background Of Study significance Of Study objective of Project Project Justification Scope of Study old Methods Of Voting security Issues Of Online voting general Requirements Problems with Existing Voting Registration System software and Hardware required Front-End back-End data. Niit appendix(Snapshots) abstract the word vote means to choose from a list, to elect or to determine. The main goal of voting (in a scenario involving the citizens of a given country) is to come up with leaders of the peoples choice. Most countries, kenya not an exception have problems when it comes to voting.

Project on, online voting, system, nitin Bhasin, n. Project report on, project report, on, online. Voting system, submitted to: Pawan Kumar submitted by:-Nitin. Bhasin, course: Core java(crjv4 niit. Niit, acknowledgemen, t It is my pleasure driver to acknowledge you that I have received a project. Online voting System from my teacher. My first sincere appreciation and gratitude goes.

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Table of contents, chapter 1: inroduction3.1, background study.3.2, problem Formulation and reviews solution.3.2.1 Pro blem Definition3.2.2 j ustification3.2.3, objectives.3.2.4. Scope.4.2.5 Res earch questions4.2.6 Basic Assumpti ons of Study/Project.4.2.7 Basic Limitati ons of Study/Project.4, chapter 2: lite, rature review.4.1 Introduction.4.2 review of Relevant Literature and Opinion. 5 chapter 3: resea. Rch methodology.5.1 Parti cipants5.1.1 Voters.1.2 Candidates.5.1.3 Multimedia university Election Commission.2 Research Design.3 data, collection.3.1 questionnaires.3.2 Interviews.6. Successfully reported this slideshow. Online voting System Project File, upcoming SlideShare, loading. Show More, no downloads, no notes for slide. 1 1, niit 2013, project report.

Online voting system thesis
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  3. Thesis will be helpful for the voters by using any. Pdf the proposed online voting system with bio-metric authentication is an elect ronic voting system. Thesis (pdf available) march 2015 with 2,259 reads. Chapter 1 Introduction Background of the Study human beings nowadays need to have a specific set of skills to survive in this competitive and vast world as well.

  4. Automated Election Assessment Thesis Proposal. Uploader avatar hyun j ae amangan online voting system. Keywords: an efficient online voting system, a securable online vot ing system, a most.

  5. Online voting Is A new Concept Of Voting Which seems to be revolut ionary. Its a project about an online voting system for colleges during the ir annual student organization elections. This is a proposal on an online college voting system.

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