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yearbook resume

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Whos who in america, 62nd Edition, 2008. Whos who in finance and industry, 34th Edition. City of phoenix art commission th avenue art Panels, series Three, 7th avenue and Glenrosa, featured artist with watercolor of Chesters Garage. Background, art teacher: Benton county R#1 School District, cole camp, missouri, grades K-12, yearbook sponsor, photography. Art teacher: Turner Unified School District, turner, kansas, grades 8-9, yearbook sponsor, photography club. Graphic Designer: Menorah Medical Center, kansas City, missouri; Freelance designer/Illustrator: Kansas City, missouri; Advertising Director: Art Director: Gorges Wholesale meats, Inc., harlingen, texas; Art Instructor: City of Phoenix, Arizona; Owner: Arizona restaurant Systems, Inc., sonic Drive-in Franchisee, arizona President: Outrageous Red, llc., and Outrageous Red.

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Whos who of american writing women, 21st Edition. Whos who of american women, 23rd edition. Whos who of american women, 25th edition. Whos who of american women, 26th edition, 2007. Whos who of american women, 27th edition. Whos who in america, resume 54th Edition, 2000. Whos who in america, 55th edition, 2001. Whos who in america, 56th Edition, 2002. Whos who in america, 57th Edition, 2003. Whos who in america, 58th Edition, 2004. Whos who in america, 61st edition, 2007.

Western Colorado watercolor Society, arizona watercolor Association, honors Chairman, memberships, regional. Arizona Artists guild, juried Member, publications, the artists magazine, may, 1993. Authored, The watercolorists toolkit, red watercolor magic, spring, 1995, authored, The watercolorists toolkit, whos who in the west, 26th Edition. Whos who in the west, 27th Edition. Whos who in the world, 16th Edition. Whos who in the world, 21st Edition, 2004. Whos who in the world, 22nd Edition, 2005. Whos who in the world, 23rd Edition, 2006. Whos who in the world, 24th edition, 2007.

yearbook resume

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So as an educator, and as a librarian candidate, my goal is to create learning spaces that welcomes all who enter, challenges academically, and empowers a life-long quest for learning. Klein Kleppe, outrageous Red. L.C., lense. Sedalia, missouri, bS note in Education, fine Arts and biology, central Missouri State University, warrensburg, missouri. Graduate Studies, Arizona State University, tempe, arizona. Professional organizations, signature memberships, national Watercolor Society, watercolor West. Pennsylvania watercolor Society, kentucky watercolor Society, western Federation of Watercolor Societies, Arizona.

Teaching is the best thing I could do with my life. And it is also the most stressful thing I could with my life! So the baldwin" is something I come back to when the stresses of modern education get to be too much. When I walk into my classroom, i view each student as a human being deserving of respect. Even if they were making poor behavior choices all day in class, i can still wish them a good rest of their day. I can still say hello when I seem them the following day. I also believe in honesty. I am honest with my students because i want them to be honest with. I feel the best learning happens in a space that is safe, open, and full of trust.

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yearbook resume

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developed the graphical user interface for the company's thesis workflow product on Silicon Graphics workstations. 1985: received Master of Science in Media arts technology, massachusetts Institute of Technology Studied under award-winning graphic designer Muriel cooper at the mit media lab. Master's thesis - "Computer Art and Creative tool making". For my thesis project, i created a software program that allowed users to create digital brushes and to then "paint" digital images with the brushes where the user was able to change the size and opacity of the brush mark while painting. 1985: Digital art work "Alfalfa" selected by jury for siggraph 1985 Art Show. 1982: received Bachelor of Arts majoring in Computer Science from Brandeis University skilled In: Dreamweaver / Fireworks / Flash / Cartweaver html / css / javascript / php / mysql microsoft Word / Photoshop Elements "C" programming language / unix / dos / Windows Kindle.

A child cannot be taught by anyone who despises him, and a child cannot afford to be fooled. james Baldwin, i have wanted to be a teacher since i was five-years old. When I was in high school, i served as the states Vice-President of the texas Association of Future Educators. I even used to play school with neighborhood kids. There were times when I would get upset because they would get tired of playing school and run off to play tag or video games, and I was still there trying to teach a lesson! Flash forward some twenty-years or so, and I find myself as an English/Language Arts teacher at a title i middle school in houston. Im also the yearbook and Newspaper Advisor, as well as co-sponsor of the comic book club.

I created this brochure website in 2006. . It is maintained by an employee at Musical Expressions. my father's website which showcases his artwork and services. Websites updated by lin-Lin mao: Lucid ids. . I fixed the html code underneath this website so that all pages displayed correctly on the most popular browsers.

I have updated Artist Susan Goldman's website with new images and text that she has emailed. Amazon Kindle ebooks published by lin-Lin mao: Background: 1965 - present: Artist 2006 - present: Freelance website developer. . developing brochure websites, and flash videos using Dreamweaver CS3, Flash CS3, fireworks CS3, css, html, paypal. 2006 - present: Volunteer Website developer and Webmaster, walter Johnson High School Education foundation : Volunteer Website developer and Webmaster for Tilden Middle School ptsa : Volunteer Website developer and Webmaster for, jane de winter's campaign for Montgomery county maryland county council. Volunteer Website developer and Webmaster for Tilden Middle School and Montgomery county council of ptas. 1995 - present: Involved Parent and. Pta volunteer/chairperson : yearbook, newsletter, student directory, school wall calendar, sally foster giftwrap fundraiser, geography bowl, after school activities, school dance, ptsa secretary, soccer team manager, webmaster, room parent : Software developer for, international Business Machines (IBM). . developed the graphical user interface for various pc products using ibm presentation Manager and Microsoft Windows software development toolkits. Software developer for Associative design Technologies. .

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Portfolio: Artwork by lin-Lin mao: A few of the websites review designed and developed by lin-Lin mao: pcce. Friends of Jane de winter. Used CafePress template to build CafePress store. In addition to creating the Flash animation, i also customized the Flash Player to include closed-captioning, scene navigation, replay loop, and information pop-up. Walter Johnson High School Education foundation. . This is a non-profit organization. . In addition to creating the site, i added paypal donate buttons to the site for collecting on-line contributions.

yearbook resume

January 20, i assisted with taking current Ergon, Inc. Websites and converting them from table-based layouts to standards compliant css-based websites. Web Designer/developer (Contract technical Support. I was contracted by a computer consultant for web design and web development for several of their senior clients. Education, bachelor's Degree, bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Mississippi college, graduated 2004 affiliations, president, circle k, january 20Circle k is a community service organization sponsored by kiwanis International on the collegiate level. Fine Arts Editor and Staff, tribesman - mississippi college's yearbook, served as staff and Sports Assistant Editor.

IdN The Branding Issue, idn. K 2007 Squares, Checks And Grids,. Stephenson, rotoVision, Switzerland 2004 Design Ideas With Limited Color, ken ozawa, pie books, japan 2004 food Shop Graphics, hitoshi mitomi, pie books, japan 2004 Package And Wrapping Graphics, hitoshi mitomi, pie books, japan 2003 Pictogram And Icon Graphics, shingo miyoshi, pie books, japan 2002 Character. Objective, motivated designer seeking a graphic design or web design and development position. Possess a solid educational foundation combined with practical experience with providing design solutions for clients and employers. Thrive in high-pressure and deadline-driven environments. Experience, application Design Specialist, bank, plus. Converted forms in pdf format to asp. This project helped streamline the filling out forms for customers and bank employees. Graphic Designer Owner, pyroPopTrt Designs 2000 - present, as the owner of a small client based business I was responsible for marketing my services, project management and completion.

2014, logo mini, michael evamy, laurence king Publishers,. K 2014, design Genius, gavin Ambrose paul Harris, Bloomsbury publishing,. S.A 2014, star Graphic Designers: The masters of Graphic Design, page One, spain 2014. Monogram Logo: Monograms ciphers, counter-Print,. 2014, het beeld van Bastiaens, vikkie letter bartholomeus, dagblad de limburger.02.14, nl 2014 Promotion Design, sendPoints Publishing., Ltd, China 2013 Logo talks 2, artpower International Publishing co, hong Kong 2013 Fashion Exposed, sandu publishing, beiijing / Page One, singapore 2013 Pack your Life. K 2012 novum, world of Graphic Design, Issue 12/12, will Magazine verlag Gmbh, germany 2012 Secret Postcards Catalog,. Jansen, netherlands 2012 logotype, michael evamy, laurence king Publishers,. K 2012 Visual Arts of the liquid Packaging, design Media publishing, hong Kong 2011 Pica magazine no 3 Processus, uqam school of Design, montreal, canada 2011 International Visual Communication, liaoning Science and Technology Press, China 2011 Innovative stationary Graphics, ana jordá miquel Abellán, monsa publications. K 2011 symbol, angus Hyland steven Bateman, laurence king Publishing,.

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Boy bastiaens (1956) maastricht, lives and works in maastricht. Selected publications days, stichting Print, the netherlands 2016, art Marks: Trademarks symbols, leterme dowling, counter Print,. K 2016, abstract Logo : Trademarks symbols, leterme dowling, counter Print,. K 2016, branding and Identity, artpower International Publishing, pdf china 2016, logotype mini, michael evamy, laurence king Publishers,. K 2015, nature logo : Trademarks symbols, leterme dowling, counter Print,. Modern Heraldry: Crests shields, leterme dowling, counter Print,. 2015, alphabet Logo: Trademarks symbols, leterme dowling, counter Print,. 2015, the layout book, gavin Ambrose, bloomsbury publishing,. 2015, human Logo: Trademarks symbols, leterme dowling, counter Print,.

Yearbook resume
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Yearbook, making workshop held at sti college tacurong last April 22, 2014 april 20, 2015 a new Marketing Landscape. laying the foundations of the municipal museum and creating the tradition of the Slaný yearbook called Slánský obzor (Slaný horizon). Uo cinema Studies yearbook shawn lee miller Resume.

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  1. Yearbook served as staff and Sports Assistant Editor. Click on the yearbook page you want to visit (blue links). Only senior classes and faculty are featured. volunteer/chairperson: yearbook, newsletter, student directory, school wall calendar, sally foster giftwrap fundraiser, geography bowl.

  2. Advisor, and currently teach journalism and Newspaper Production. s Workshop Method Utilized Champs Classroom Management System Organized and Produced School events. dutch Design, yearbook, vincent van baar timo de rijk, nai publishers, The netherlands 2009 The big book of Bags, labels And Tags. Fine Arts Editor and Staff Tribesman - mississippi college's.

  3. Background Art teacher: Benton county R#1 School District, cole camp, missouri, grades K-12, yearbook sponsor, photography. 2010 Torch, yearbook, editor responsible for producing and editing a 260-page hardcover yearbook for the graduating class featuring. Also have served as the, yearbook.

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