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essay on mumbai

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Mixed Genre Example Two: A writer decides to compose a family history, using pictures and documents from her family albums. But sometimes her story veers into fiction. She finds herself embellishing elements or omitting characters; and, the result is a story thats better than the one she might tell if she were to stick to the facts. Again, is this an essay? If half of the story is made-up, but half is very obviously true, it might be best called mixed genre. Note: Sometimes the term mixed genre is defined in terms of the novel or book. A mixed genre novel might be a novel that mixes science fiction elements with characteristics of a legal thriller.

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Theres no such thing as a nonfiction short story. Short stories are inherently fiction (with or without real-life inspiration). Personal essays are not fictional. Then youll love the many other ways Writers Relief can help! From effectively targeting markets, writing dynamic query letters, building authors online platforms, and essay much more—find out how Writers Relief can boost your exposure and maximize your acceptance rate. So what is mixed genre writing? Mixed genre writing is creative work that does not sit comfortably in any of the above genres. Mixed genre writing blends some elements of fiction with elements of nonfiction in a very deliberate way. Some examples: Mixed Genre Example One: A professional accountant named John headline Jones is writing a story about a man named John Jones, who is John Jones and lives John Jones life—except that the fictional John Jones one day decides to leave his real-life accounting job. Is this a short story? If ninety percent of the story is true and ten percent is fiction, then what should the writer call this?

What is a memoir? Memoir generally refers to longer works of nonfiction, written from the perspective of the author. Memoir does not generally refer to short personal essays. If youre writing a short piece based on your real-life experiences, editors of literary journals will identify this as a personal essay. If youre writing a book about an experience, its a memoir. A collection of interrelated personal essays may constitute a memoir. Memoir Example: A writer composes a full-length book about his experiences after a car explosion in his town. Learn task more: Creative nonfiction: How to stay out Of Trouble. What is a nonfiction short story?

essay on mumbai

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What is a commentary? The personal essay form and commentary may sometimes overlap, but it may be helpful to make some distinctions. A commentary is often very short (a few hundred words) and more journalistic in tone than a personal essay. It fits nicely as a column in a newspaper or on a personal blog. The writing can be more newsy than literary. Some very short nonfiction pieces may be better suited to newspapers than to literary journals; however, best literary magazines have been known to publish commentary-esque pieces that have a literary bent. Commentary Example: A writer tells the story of a car explosion in his town to illustrate the point that the police are not vigilant enough about people throwing flaming marshmallows out their windows.

A personal essay is a short work of nonfiction that is not academic (that is, not a dissertation or scholarly exploration of criticism, etc.). In a personal essay, the writer recounts his or her personal experiences or opinions. In an academic essay, the writers personal journey does not typically play a large part in the narrative (or plot line). Sometimes the purpose of a personal essay is simply to entertain. Some personal essays may have a meditative or even dogmatic feel; a personal essay may illustrate a writers experiences in order to make an argument for the writers opinion. Some personal essays may cite other texts (like books, stories, or poems but the focus of the citation is not to make an academic point. Rather, emphasis is on the writers emotional journey and insight. Personal Essay example: A writer pens the story of his experience at the scene of a car explosion in his town. The work is short enough for publication in a literary journal and focuses on the authors perspective and insight.

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essay on mumbai

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Its important to understand the difference between the types of short prose, whether youre writing an essay, short story, memoir, commentary, or mixed genre piece. What is a short story? A short story is a work of fictional prose. Its characters may be loosely based on real-life people, and tales its plot may be inspired by a real-life event; but overall more of the story is made-up than real. Sometimes, the story can be completely made-up. Short stories may be literary, or they may conform to genre standards (i.e., a romance short story, a science-fiction short story, a horror story, etc.).

A short story is a work that the writer holds to be fiction (i.e., historical fiction based on real events, or a story that is entirely fiction). Short Story Example: A writer is inspired by a car explosion in his town. He writes a story based on the real explosion and set in a similar town, but showing the made-up experiences of his characters (who may be partly based on real-life). Short Story Example two: A writer writes a story based on a made-up explosion, set in a made-up town, and showing the made-up experiences of his characters. What is a personal or narrative essay? What is an academic essay? Though factual, the personal essay, sometimes called a narrative essay, can feel like a short story, with characters and a plot arc.

Cultural orientation for the two cities based on direction of travel - booking tours on-board. Nice open deck - enjoy water, dance. First-aid to tackle sea sickness. My last trip to goa was in the monsoon earlier this year, and I took the most boring route possible to reach the state. However, on the way back to pune, we took a train and I was mesmerised by the beauty of western ghats. It was slow travel, but absolutely worth.

However, for me the best way to travel to goa is by a road-trip - with numerous stop overs. My hope is that with this new ferry things might change and it might become my most favourite way to reach my most favourite beach destination in the country! Would you give it a try? Also, what could it mean for the tourism industry in general for the region?, if you are planning your first cruise ever, here's a detailed guide on what to expect and how to plan a perfect cruise vacation. Tips for planning your first cruise! The genres of short prose writing can be very confusing. For example, some writers will call their personal essay a story, and others will call their essay a memoir. To make matters even more complicated, a number of literary magazines are beginning to accept what is commonly called mixed genre writing.

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So if I were to make my own set of expectations from this ferry, here are some:. Tiers for different rates and facilities - air-conditioning in at least one tier is a must! Fast and slow ferries both should co-exist. Food and drinks on-board. Option of online booking for the ferry trips (something ilahi like irctc is for trains). Kids activity area. Stops on the way where people can get down (wish).

essay on mumbai

From my experience of using ferries in other countries, they often have a tiered approach to the boats and price. Most recently i was. Cambodia hopping islands, and used such a ferry there. The ferries werent government run, and there were options to pick from. There was also a fast and a slow ferry with a different fare. I essay have also seen a similar concept of fast-slow ferries while traveling to islands. Hong Kong, travel to, zanzibar in Tanzania, as well as traveling through the fjords in Norway.

Sanjay bhatia, chairman of Mbpt, told dna, "The cruise ferry has already reached India and is anchored at Mumbai. We have all the required permissions and are waiting for the trial runs to be completed. Once it is operational, the liner will be anchored at the domestic cruise terminal, which is close to the ferry wharf at mazgaon." ( ref mumbai to goa ferry  (image not from the actual route; image ref though its not the first time such. The service was announced recently by Union Transport minister, and more details are eagerly awaited. However, what we do know is that travel to goa as we know it, is about to change for good. I am actually very keen to see what kind of ferry/ boat will actually be introduced and what kind of fares can there be for these trips.

Also, the service will assignments be available on alternate days as only one vessel will be used for operations for now. It's likely to be a luxury liner with hotels, swimming pools among other facilities on-board. The journey is expected to be about one day in the sea. Latest update: After a long wait - the ferry service is now expected to start by the end of February. The tickets are expected to cost Rs 5,000 and the journey will take about 16 hours from Mumbai to goa. The cruise liner will start from the muzgaon domestic terminal and stop at raigad, dabhol, jaigad, vijay durg and Malvan before reaching its final destination Panjim. Update 2: As per current update, the construction of a jetty is potentially holding up the start of the service. . The 132-metre luxury liner built in Norway was proposed to be anchored two nautical miles off Raj Bhavan and a jetty for the same was proposed to be built at Nariman point, but the permission for the same has been denied.

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About the project 20 Languages, 51 poets 187 poems, 280 Translations 40 Essays, sound Installations, Photo Essays, readings, poets Translating poets Festival. Mumbai, november 25-27, 2016, chennai, november 29-30, 2016, more. Mumbai to goa in Ship Cruise ferry - starting February end, to cost Rs 5,000. This New years eve parties on the beach wont be the most fun thing to do in goa. Come december and you can reach Indias favourite beach destination in the most fun way possible - a cruise! Yes, you heard it right - a luxury cruise which might be among the best in the world! The planned vessel will have a capacity to carry 400 passengers and there will be different classes available to choose from.

Essay on mumbai
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They shared a common Calvinist theology and common criticisms of the Anglican Church and English society and government. Visit our new article section for trending love and Sex articles.

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  1. A reader writes:Rod, i'd love to hear you articulate what it means to be a conservative. Not a fox News, republican-group think conservative, but a real anks for the opportuni. All the events worth attending over the next three days.

  2. I annihilation of caste is the nearly eighty-year-old text of a speech that was never delivered. When I first read it I felt as though somebody had walked into a dim room and opened the windows. Catch fully commentary archive of Mumbai indians vs Sunrisers Hyderabad, 23rd Match, Apr 24, Indian Premier league, 2018 on Cricbuzz.

  3. mumbai goa cruise: Know Travel Price and Timings of Indias First Cruise service. What is a short story, personal essay, memoir, commentary, mixed genre piece, and do you know the difference between them? Learn how to identify the right genre of your short prose in order to get published.

  4. Photographs of Tomasz gudzowaty. We use cookies in order to enhance your user experience. If you do not wish to have cookies stored on your computer, please change the settings of your browser. Mumbai- goa cruise: Check out the timings, halts, and tickets.

  5. Pre-k-8 elementary educational resources for teachers, students, and parents. I think the beauty of Lisbon lies in the total ensemble and not the individual sights themselves Spot. Our first trip to lisbon was at the end of September. 20 Languages, 51 poets 187 poems, 280 Translations 40 Essays sound Installations, Photo Essays, readings poets Translating poets Festival Mumbai, november 25-27, 2016 Chennai, november 29-30, 2016 More.

  6. She learned to report at the alternative weekly, washington City paper, after which she worked as a writer and co-editor of The washington Monthly magazine. Latch on to the best business franchise opportunity. Be a franchisee for Podar Jumbo kids, one of the best preschools in India.

  7. Essay on Terrorism Complete Essay for Class 10, Class 12 and Graduation and other classes. Cruise ship ferry service from Mumbai to goa is now expected to start around Christmas, 25th December, and here's all you need to know. Katherine boo is a staff writer at The new Yorker and a former reporter and editor for The washington Post.

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