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write about your hobbies

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Im a research scientist by trade so i feel really comfortable doing research. Im systematic and quite obsessive about it i love. The research for this book took about three months (fitting in with family demands). I really like to seek out all sources of information and immerse myself in them.  Can you tell us what was involved in the research process? I read several books, including biographies and Tom Wills fathers journal (Horatio wills). I visited the State library, and interviewed several people in the process. Academic and writer, Greg de moore wrote the book the Tragic Rise and Fall of Tom Wills and I just loved this book.

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Then I started to watch other Indigenous players at other clubs, the likes of Alwyn davey and valid his brother Aaron. In fact, i now follow all the Indigenous players. Leon davis had a stellar year in 2007 and I remember i used to sit at the footy and laugh with disbelief watching him he was so amazing. Today, i really admire paddy ryder from the bombers, Adam goodes from the Swans and liam Jurrah from the demons. I also admire their individual stories, where they have come from and the journey they had to make to play afl footy. Its tough for them to leave their homes and families; they do an awesome job. Why is Kick It to me important to you? To me, its an acknowledgement to Indigenous Australians that they are a huge part of the great game of aussie rules. Its also about acknowledging Tom Wills; not only a fine sportsman but as a humanitarian as well. To live peacefully and respectfully is all about tolerance and I believe sport crosses that cultural divide. How long did it take to research?

There is no doubt in my mind that Tom Wills never forgot the joys of playing marn-grook. So just to fill you in, marngrook was a game of kick to kick. It was all about long kicking and fast running with the ball, and it was also characterised by speccys. High flying, aerial, acrobatic marking of the ball. So here is the connection the speccy; a signature of aussie rules footy. Marn-grook didnt have goals or points, so the influence of other sports can be also seen here. But you only have to watch any of the Aboriginal boys in the afl play footy to see how natural the game is to them. How easily they move the ball, take speccys and kick these amazing goals. And thats what happened, after Eddie moliere spoke at this function, i started to watch leon davis more closely.

write about your hobbies

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And Im so proud of this. I found it fascinating that most people from early colonial Victoria saw themselves from their country of origin. They thought of themselves as English or Scottish or Irish. But Tom Wills identified essay himself as being Australian and he wanted to create something uniquely australian. Tom was an ordinary guy who did something extraordinary. Is aussie rules like rugby? Is it like gaelic footy or Gridiron?

In these hard working days, the children of squatters were pretty much free range and did whatever they wanted. Tom befriended the children of the local Djab Wurrung tribe and wandered freely throughout their camp. He spoke their language fluently; he knew all their clapping songs and joined in their corrobborees. And he watched, and learned and played marn-grook the ancient Aboriginal game. Tom was 10 he went away to boarding school in Melbourne and England, returning at 20 years of age. He proceeded to play a lot of cricket. Cricket was hugely popular, and inter-colonial rivalry was massive. But in between cricket season, tom wanted to do something else and wrote to a local sporting magazine"ng these famous words we shall have a game of out own and so it was that the first set of rules for Australian Rules football was.

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write about your hobbies

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Whatever your hobby, you can learn to enjoy keeping a blog about itsharing tips and tricks of the trade, chronicling the development of your skills, sharing pictures of works in progress, or encouraging others to take up the skills you have learned. So first, learn to enjoy reading what others have written about your hobby. In the next installment, i will give some pointers about organizing a blog post effectively. Neridah McMullin is the author of a number of inspirational books about the people who have shaped Australias sporting history. Her latest book, kick it to me tells the story of Tom Willis (known as the father of Aussie rules football) and how indigenous Australians and their game marn-grook shaped and influenced the game that is played throughout Australia today.

As Eddie mcGuire, president of Collingwood football Club says in the foreword of kick it to me, we have begun to realise what Tom Willis knew all along the historical inhabitants of this country have put the australian into australian Rules. Today at deescribe Writing, neridah takes us through her research and writing process and gives us tips on writing about your hobby or passion. Where did the inspiration for your new book come from? Im a big Collingwood fan and in 2007 Eddie mcGuire spoke at a function about the life of Tom Wills, his influence on the first set of rules for Australian Rules football and how he lived his life. Tom Wills was the son of a squatter in Western Victoria in the 1840s, growing up on a pastoral station called Lexington.

That said, some of the blogs i enjoy reading arent all that well written. The writing is passable, but not excellent. The authors tend to ramble or fail to proofread their work, yet they use words clearly and precisely enough to convey the information that they are presenting. You need not be an excellent writer in order to blog well about your hobby, but you must not let bad writing get in the way of good information. Writing that is vague, disorganized, cluttered, or imprecise is death to a blog about a hobby, especially since most hobbyists go looking online for information that is presented straightforwardly, precisely, and concisely.

Most importantly, the bloggers I respect write in their own voice. If I read their posts aloud, i hear a real person speaking. However, let me be the first to tell you that your natural, unedited voice is typically vague, redundant, convoluted, and disorganized. A good writer has the discipline to work and rework each bit of writing until it sounds just right. It will still sound like the writers natural voice, but it will sound like his or her voice at its best. Good writing has always been rewritten. (This post has gone through four distinct drafts, plus two major edits and a final proofreading.). It is very satisfying to maintain a blog, partly because good writing takes skill and effort. I like writing about my woodworking almost as much as i enjoy the woodworking itself.

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Like all crafts, writing takes time and patience to master the basic tool kit—words, sentences, and paragraphs. It is also immensely rewarding once you learn how to write effectively. Fortunately, writing gets better, even easier, with practice. Keeping a blog will force you to write often, din but it will not force you to write well. Improving your writing begins with reading examples of good writing to get the rhythms and habits of effective english into your head. You will never be a good writer if you are a not a good reader. So find some well-written books and blogs about your hobby and read, read, read. . After that, it is a matter of paying attention to what you are writing, and of resigning yourself to rewriting, revising, and editing multiple drafts of your work.

write about your hobbies

I write about my hobby because i cant help. You may not be a habitual writer, but you can still write and maintain a successful blog. First the bad news: most blogs go dormant after one month. The book reason is that writing is a lot of hard work. Good writing is not a talent; it is a learned skill. It is a craft just like your hobby. There are principles for good writing, just as there are principles for good pottery, good needlepoint, or good wood carving.

your hobby? If you dont like to read, or dont think you have time to read, then you certainly dont have time to write. I love reading about my hobby. As a compulsive reader, i often stay up late reading blogs about my own hobby, woodworking. When a new woodworking magazine comes in the mail, i read the whole thing, including the classifieds, within 48 hours. My monthly book budget dwarfs my tool and lumber budgets combined. I also teach writing professionally, so my hobby and my profession coincide on this blog.

do i care what your hobbies are? Like, what are your hobbies? Must be hard for you to indulge your hobbies from inside. Your interests, your hobbies, thesis your passions, your weird fetishes. It will be material to differentiate it with others on site construction and content of trivia is directly affiliate your hobbies and I have to say has been helpful so far. Tell her about your hobbies, interests, try to be attractive, don't write "i've got a good sense of humour and I like to laugh". You have your hobbies. (inhales) And I have mine. So, i've been thinking a lot about you and your interests and your hobbies, and it's weird we aren't closer, given how much we have in common.

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Your hobbies are getting in the way of xmas your homework. Doesn't explain why you gave up your hobbies. Either this is a mission or you two are very good at hiding your hobbies. I didn't realize that breaking and entering was one of your hobbies. You never change your hobbies, and Michael had two of them. What are your hobbies, john? Like where it asked, "What are your hobbies?

Write about your hobbies
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  3. Fête du sacrifice » » mouton de l'aïd » How-to Write Interests and About your Hobbies. You need not be an excellent writer in order to blog well about your hobby, but you must not let bad writing get in the way of good information. Tell her about your hobbies, interests, try to be attractive, don't write "i've got a good sense of humour and I like to laugh". Today at deescribe Writing, neridah takes us through her research and writing process and gives us tips on writing about your hobby or passion.

  4. Write, a letter to, your, friend, about, your, favourite, hobby. A great way to get all the information you need to turn your hobby into a money-making venture. How to make money writing about your hobbies.

  5. Write 4-5 sentences about your hobbies and be ready to speak about them to the class. I have manyI love to sing is my favorite hobby hobbies. You have 4 minutes to write about your hobbies. What is your favourite hobby?

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