Nature our friend essay in marathi

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nature our friend essay in marathi

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41 Numerous variations of the" appeared on film. For example, in Chickens Come home Ollie says impatiently to Stan "Well." with Stan replying, "Here's another nice mess i've gotten you into." The films Thicker than Water and The fixer-Uppers use the phrase "Well, here's another nice kettle of fish you pickled me in!". 36 The phrase, expressing surprise, impatience, or incredulity, was the inspiration for " d'oh! " as spoken by the actor Dan Castelleneta portraying the character Homer Simpson in the long-running animated comedy The simpsons. Homer's first intentional use of "d'oh!" occurred in the Ullman short "Punching Bag" (1988). 42 Films edit main article: laurel and Hardy filmography laurel and Hardy appeared for the first time together in The lucky dog (1921). The first film pairing of the two, although as separate performers, took place in the silent film The lucky dog in 1921. The exact date the film was produced is not recorded but film historian bo bergulund dated it between late 1920 and January 1921.

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Rather than showing Hardy suffering the pain of misfortunes, such as resume falling down stairs or being beaten by a thug, banging and crashing sound effects were often used so the audience could visualize the scene for themselves. film sailors Beware was a significant film for Hardy because two of his enduring trademarks were developed. The first was his "tie-twiddle" to demonstrate embarrassment. 33 Hardy, while acting, had been met with a pail of water in the face. He said, "I had been expecting it, but I didn't expect it at that particular moment. It threw me mentally and I couldn't think what to do next, so i waved the tie in a kind of tiddly-widdly fashion to show embarrassment while trying to look friendly." 38 His second trademark was the "camera look" in which he breaks the fourth. 36 Hardy said: "I had to become exasperated so i just stared right into the camera and registered my disgust." 39 Offscreen Stan laurel and Oliver Hardy were quite the opposite of their movie characters: laurel was the industrious "idea man" while hardy was more. 40 Catchphrases edit The catchphrase most used by laurel and Hardy on film is: "Well, here's another nice mess you've gotten me into!" 36 The phrase was earlier used. Gilbert in both The mikado from 1885 and The Grand duke from 1896. It was first used by hardy in The laurel-Hardy murder Case in 1930. In popular culture the catchphrase is often mi"d as "Well, here's another fine mess you've gotten me into." The mi"d version of the phrase was never used by hardy and the misunderstanding stems from the title of their film Another Fine mess.

While much of their comedy remained visual, various student lines of humorous dialogue appeared in laurel and Hardy's talking films. Some examples include: "you can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be led." (Laurel, Brats ) 36 "I was dreaming I was awake but I woke up and found meself asleep." (Laurel, Oliver the eighth ) "A lot of weather we've been. 33 37 For example, in the 1937 film way out West, laurel clenches his fist and pours tobacco into it as if it were a pipe. He then flicks his thumb upward as if working a lighter. His thumb ignites and he matter-of-factly lights his "pipe". The amazed Hardy, seeing this, would unsuccessfully attempt to duplicate it throughout the film. Much later Hardy finally succeeds, only to be terrified when his thumb catches fire. Laurel repeats the pipe joke in the 1938 film Block-heads, again to hardy's bemusement. The joke ends, this time with a match laurel was using, relighting itself, which Hardy throws into the fireplace, whereupon it explodes with a loud bang.

nature our friend essay in marathi

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Laurel and Hardy would accidentally damage someone's property, with the injured party retaliating by ruining something belonging to laurel or Hardy. 33 After calmly surveying the damage, they would find something else to vandalize, and conflict would escalate until both sides were simultaneously destroying items in front of each other. 36 An early example of the routine occurs in their classic short, big Business (1929 which was added to the national Film Registry in 1992. Another short film which revolves around such an altercation was titled Tit for Tat (1935). One best-remembered dialogue was the "Tell me that again" routine. Laurel would tell Hardy a genuinely smart idea he essay came up with, and Hardy would reply, "Tell me that again." laurel would attempt to repeat the idea, but babble utter nonsense. Hardy, who had difficulty understanding laurel's idea even when expressed clearly, would understand perfectly when hearing the jumbled version.

Laurel kept his hair short on the sides and back, growing it long on top to create a natural "fright wig". At times of shock, he would simultaneously cry while pulling up his hair. In contrast, hardy's thinning hair was pasted on his forehead in spit curls and he sported a toothbrush moustache. To achieve a flat-footed walk, laurel removed the heels from his shoes. Both wore bowler hats, with laurel's being narrower than Hardy's, and with a flattened brim. 35 The characters' normal attire called for wing collar shirts, with Hardy wearing a neck tie which he would twiddle and laurel a bow tie. Hardy's sports jacket was a tad small and done up with one straining button, whereas laurel's double-breasted jacket was loose fitting. A popular routine the team performed was a " tit-for-tat " fight with an adversary. This could be with their wives—often played by mae busch, anita garvin, or Daphne pollard —or with a neighbor, often played by Charlie hall or James Finlayson.

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nature our friend essay in marathi

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28 In 1914, hardy was billed as assignment "Babe hardy" in his first film, outwitting Dad. 1916 Hardy made 177 shorts as Babe with the vim Comedy company that were released up to the end of 1917. 29 Exhibiting a versatility in playing heroes, villains and even female characters, hardy was in demand for roles as a supporting native actor, comic villain or second banana. For 10 years he memorably assisted star comic and Charlie chaplin imitator Billy west, jimmy aubrey, larry semon, and Charley chase. 30 In total, hardy starred or co-starred in more than 250 silent shorts of which roughly 150 have been lost.

He was rejected for enlistment by the Army during World War I due to his size. In 1917, after the collapse of the Florida film industry, hardy and his wife madelyn moved to california to seek new opportunities. 31 32 History as laurel and Hardy edit Style of comedy and characterizations edit The humor of laurel and Hardy was highly visual with slapstick used for emphasis. 33 They often had physical arguments with each other (in character which were quite complex and involved cartoon violence, and their characters precluded them from making any real progress in the simplest endeavors. Much of their comedy involves milking a joke, where a simple idea provides a basis from which to build multiple gags without following a defined narrative. Stan laurel was of average height and weight, but appeared small and slight next to Oliver Hardy, who was 6 ft 1 in (185 cm) tall 34 and weighed about 280 lb (127 kg) in his prime. They used some details to enhance this natural contrast.

19 In 1925, laurel joined the hal roach film studio as a director and writer. From may 1925 until September 1926, he received credit in at least 22 films. 20 laurel starred in over 50 films for various producers before teaming up with Hardy. 21 Prior to that, he experienced only modest success. It was difficult for producers, writers, and directors to write for his character, with American audiences knowing him either as a "nutty burglar " or as a charlie chaplin imitator. 22 Oliver Hardy edit main article: Oliver Hardy Oliver Hardy (January 18, 1892 august 7, 1957) was born Norvell Hardy in Harlem, georgia.

23 by his late teens, hardy was a popular stage singer and he operated a movie house in Milledgeville, georgia, the palace Theater, financed in part by his mother. 24 For his stage name, he took his father's first name calling himself "Oliver Norvell Hardy" while offscreen his nicknames were "Ollie" and "Babe". 25 The nickname "Babe" originated from an Italian barber near the lubin Studios in Jacksonville, florida who would rub Hardy's face with talcum powder and say "That's nice-a baby!" Other actors in the lubin company mimicked this and Hardy was billed as "Babe hardy". 26 27 seeing film comedies inspired an urge to take up comedy himself and, in 1913, he began working with Lubin Motion Pictures in Jacksonville. He started by helping around the studio with lights, props, and other duties, gradually learning the craft as a script-clerk for the company. 24 It was around this time that Hardy married his first wife madelyn Salosihn.

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He had no equal. His name was box-office." 14 In 1912, laurel left England with the Fred Karno Troupe to tour the United States. Laurel had expected the tour to be merely a pleasant interval before returning to london; however, he migrated to the. 15 In 1917, laurel was teamed with mae dahlberg as a double act for stage and film; they were living as common law husband and wife. 16 The same year, laurel made his film debut with Dahlberg in Nuts in may. 17 While working with mae, he began using the name "Stan laurel" and changed his name legally in 1931. 18 Dahlberg held laurel's career back because she demanded roles in his films, and her tempestuous nature made her difficult all to work with. Dressing room arguments were common between the two; it was reported that producer joe rock paid her to leave laurel and to return to her native australia.

nature our friend essay in marathi

6 The official laurel and Hardy appreciation society is known as The sons of the desert which was named after a fictitious fraternal society featured in the laurel and Hardy film of the same name. Contents Early careers edit Stan laurel edit main article: Stan laurel Stan laurel (June 16, 1890 february 23, 1965) was born Arthur Stanley jefferson in Ulverston, lancashire (today cumbria england into a theatrical family. 7 His father Arthur Joseph Jefferson was a theatrical entrepreneur and theatre owner in northern England and Scotland who, together with his letter wife, was a major force in the industry. 8 In 1905, the jefferson family moved to Glasgow to be closer to their business mainstay of the metropole Theatre, and laurel made his stage debut in a glasgow hall called the Britannia panopticon one month short of his 16th birthday. 9 10 Arthur Jefferson secured laurel his first acting job with the juvenile theatrical company of levy and Cardwell, which specialized in Christmas Pantomimes. 11 In 1909, laurel was employed by Britain's leading comedy impresario fred Karno as a supporting actor, and as an understudy for Charlie chaplin. 12 13 laurel said of Karno, "There was no one like him.

1944, they concentrated on performing in stage shows and embarked on a music hall tour of England, Ireland, and Scotland. 4, in 1950, before retiring from the screen, they made their last film,. French, italian co-production called, atoll. They appeared as a team in 107 films, starring in 32 short silent films, 40 short sound films, and 23 full-length feature films. They also made 12 guest or cameo appearances that included the galaxy of Stars promotional film of 1936. 5 On December 1, 1954, the pair made one American television appearance when they were surprised and interviewed by ralph Edwards on his live nbc-tv program This Is your Life. Since the 1930s, the works of laurel and Hardy have been released in numerous theatrical reissues, television revivals, 8-mm and 16-mm home movies, feature-film compilations, and home videos. In 2005, they were voted the seventh-greatest comedy act of all time by a uk poll of fellow comedians.

1 2, the duo's signature tune is known variously as "The cuckoo metamorphosis song "ku-ku or "The dance of the cuckoos". It was played over the opening credits of their films and has become as emblematic of the duo as their bowler hats. Prior to emerging as a team, both actors had well-established film careers. Laurel had appeared in over 50 films as an actor (while also working as a writer and director) while hardy had been in more than 250 productions. The two comedians had previously worked together as cast members on the film. The lucky dog in 1921. However, they were not a comedy team at that time and it was not until 1926 that they appeared in a movie short together, when both separately signed contracts with the. Hal roach film studio. 3, laurel and Hardy officially became a team in 1927 when they appeared together in the silent short film.

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For the task animated series, see, laurel and Hardy (animated series). "Stan and Ollie" redirects here. For the upcoming biographical film, see. Stan and Ollie (film). Laurel and Hardy were a comedy double act during the early, classical Hollywood era of, american cinema. The team was composed of English thin man. Stan laurel (18901965) and American fat man, oliver Hardy (18921957). They became well known during the late 1920s through the mid-1940s for their slapstick comedy, with laurel playing the clumsy and childlike friend of the pompous bully hardy.

Nature our friend essay in marathi
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